Other Issues in Media and Society

  1. My colleague, Nadya, discussed an important issue connected with social networks. In her blog http://nssmedia.blogspot.cz Nadya wrote about the correlation between social media and depression. She describes various reasons why social media can lead to a bad mental state, such as addiction to social networks, constant comparison of yourself with virtual people, cyberbullying. In my opinion, it is a relevant issue, which needs to be discussed.
  2. Tereza touched upon an unusual topic in her blog http://rehaktereza.wix.com/media-and-food. She talked about the influence that media have on what we eat. Mostly, she discusses the negative impact of media on our eating behavior. For instance, media can encourage young girls to be as thin as possible, which, in its turn, leads to such eating and mental disorders as anorexia or bulimia. Tereza also provided interesting articles about the role of media in causes of childhood obesity.

  3. Jessica’s blog https://jessiescolumn.wordpress.com is about an issue, which, in my view, is extremely relevant nowadays. It is how media encourage teenage drinking. There is a significant number of movies, TV shows, video clips, which portray young people drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, this portrayal is not educational, it does not show what the real outcomes of underage drinking can be. On the contrary, media represent alcohol as an inevitable part of «cool» life full of fun.

  4. Akzhan in her blog https://informw.wordpress.com discusses information warfare in media. She talks about how media develop nationalism and hate towards another country. Akzhan mentions the current «information war» between Russia and the West. I agree with her, that this issue is extremely concerning. I myself had a chance to watch and read news in three sides of the conflict: in Russia, in Ukraine, and in the Czech Republic. I was completely shocked by the difference in the representation of information in media in three different countries. This difference occurred due to the reason that governments of these countries wanted to send different messages to their citizens. That made me realize, that we are simply manipulated and confused by news media. Moreover, it encourage hate towards other cultures. To conclude, I find this blog informative and useful, as it provides information on a very concerning issue.

  5. Finally, I would like to recommend Hozan’s blog https://hozanchomani.wordpress.com. Despite the four blogs I write about before, this one exposes some positive effects media can have. Particularly, Hozan talks about what advantages video games have. Video games can have some positive effects on children. For instance, cure against depression, or they can encourage cognitive learning. Overall, as every type of media, games can have both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what games to play, and whether it is supervised by parents.


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