What the Experts Say II

Another article is called «Building and using a Personal/ Professional learning network with social Media» and written by Tamra Devis. It was published in The Journal of Research in Business Education, (Spring 2013): 1-13. It can be found on proquest.com as well.

«Using a mixed-methods, cross-sectional survey research method, this study was designed to be the first in a series of research projects to investigate how educators are using the framework of a PLN to support and enhance classrooms to meet the needs of the learners. Specifically, this study addresses the definition of a PLN, positions social media as one avenue in building a PLN, and describes how educators are using a PLN in the educational environment».

«In the networked community of learning, not only students seek connections; educators are also seeking connections and support. Both groups utilize various tools to network with their peers around the world».


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