Current Events II


Nowadays educators quite often use Twitter to share ideas and involve their students with those from other cities or even countries to broaden their learning experience.

Twitter is a social network that allows to make short publications (maximum 140 characters) — «tweets». Twitter is a place that you can just lurk, by reading others’ tweets, or contribute to, by sending out your own tweets. (Morris, 2014)

Here is a video about how Twitter can be used in education.

«One example of this social media connection is the series of Skype video chats that Techman set up between fifth grade and high school students to discuss usability when downloading ebooks from the public library. The high school students shared their frustrations and difficulties with the downloads. She wanted to help her fifth grade students form their thoughts and feel comfortable sharing their opinions on how the downloading process should change».

«Social media shows students that learning isn’t limited to their classroom, but that the world is their classroom, and it has been a strong connector for Albemarle County Public Schools. Here, social media has broken down classroom and district walls, creating a venue for discussion and shared ideas without boundaries». 

«I like to think of social media as being somewhat like the bees that go from flower to flower to flower and take a little bit of pollen from here to there, and the next thing you know you’ve got daylilies you’ve never had before because the bees have cross-pollinated plants,» says Pam Moran, superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools.

Michael Thornton, a fifth grade teacher at Agnor Hurt Elementary School, documented his students’ paper tower challenge on Twitter. It turned into a worldwide Twitter campaign of teachers posting pictures and videos doing the same challenge. Here is a video about it: Making Connections Through Twitter


Morris, K. (23 September 2014 r.). Using Twitter to Build Your PLN. Retrieved December 2015 r., from Edublogs Teacher Challenges:





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